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Ruler Master of the Mask

Ruler Master Of the Mask


Title of Drama: Ruler Master of the Mask
Director: No Do Cheol and Park Won-Gook
Writer: Park Hye-Jin, Jung Hae-Ri
Episode: 40
Release Date: May 10-July 13 2019
Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 22.00
Languauge: Korean

Yoo Seung Ho as Lee Sun
Kim So Hyun as Han Ga-Eun
Kim Myung Soo as Lee Sun
Yoon So-Hee as Kim HwaGoon
Heo Jun-Ho as Dae Mok

In the 1700s, the Crown Prince of Joseon (Yoo Seung Ho) fights against Pyunsoo Hwe. It is a organisation that has a lot of power and nobdoy dares to disobey any of their rules. This organisation even control the water of the country. Ga Eun is the woman that Crown Princes love at first sight. Ga Eun also help him to grow as a ruler.